Why Organic Lipstick Has Everything Good

To take care of your lips while enhancing them, organic lipstick, free of toxic substances, stands out. How to choose it? Response from Vincent Honnart, founder of the organic make-up brand and vegan Colorisi.

At a time when the toxic substances present in our cosmetics are regularly pointed at, organic beauty products are doing well. In the make-up department, it’s probably organic lipstick that makes us the easiest to look at. For good reason: applied to the thin skin of our lips several times a day, it is more a matter of care than ephemeral pomp. But does its quality match the classic lipstick? How is it formulated? How to choose it well? Vincent Honnart, founder of Colorisi, an organic and natural vegan make-up brand, answers our questions.

What exactly is organic lipstick?

“Organic lipstick meets a standard established by private associations,” explains Vincent Honnart. In France, for example, it is Cosmébio. In order to simplify the understanding of customers, this organic standard follows a European charter grouped under the name COSMOS ORGANIC more demanding than the previous one.” Thus, this new standard imposes 95% of ingredients of natural origin and 20% of organic origin.

“It should be known that the organic label does not guarantee that the product is totally free of products of animal origin. In organic lipstick, for example, you can find cochineal carmine or beeswax,” says Vincent Honnart. So we must not confuse: who says “organic” does not necessarily say “vegan”.

What active ingredients are found in organic lipstick?

In organic lipsticks, the formulas are mainly composed of plant extracts: apricot oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, candelilla wax, olive oil, castor oil…

Conversely, in so-called “conventional” lipsticks, formulas include petrochemical products. For Vincent Honnart, there is no reason to hesitate: “the choice between natural and beneficial ingredients for the skin and synthetic products is quite simple: it should be imposed on everyone! Especially when you consider the amount of lipstick ingested over a lifetime!”

Texture, hold, colour: is organic lipstick up to the task?

Creamy matte finish and even glossy, we now find – almost everything – the same range of textures in organic as that offered by the conventional industry. In terms of colour and hold, the expert notes: “Today, the quality of organic lipsticks is very close to conventional products, whether in terms of hold, pigmentation and hydration”.

Organic lipsticks contain many nourishing ingredients, such as butters, waxes and vegetable oils that comfort and protect the sensitive skin of the lips.

In recent years, the colour chart has also expanded. “The colour that remains the most complex to produce in organic is the real red, because it is not found in pigment form in nature,” explains Vincent Honnart.

As for price, contrary to popular belief, organic make-up is no more expensive than conventional make-up, or even less expensive when compared to so-called “premium” products sold in perfumery.

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