Which Hat Shape To Choose According To Your Face

Which hat shape to choose according to your face

You hesitate? You imagine yourself wearing a hat, but you don’t really know how to choose it: big brim, small brim, height of cap…. The world of headwear is so wide, that the criteria to take into account according to the shape of your face have multiplied. The good news with all this is that there are so many shapes of hats, that there will necessarily be one or even more that will fit you perfectly.

It’s all a matter of face morphology. To identify face types, you must rely on your jaw and the width and height of the face. If you have trouble recognizing your profile, stand in front of a mirror and draw the outline of your face (with a tube of lipstick for example). The shape obtained will tell you which type of face you belong to.


If you have a long, thin face like Sarah Jessica Parker, you can afford to wear several types of hats. But to balance your face, i.e. bring width, we advise you to choose a model with wide enough edges, this will give the illusion of a shorter face. For women, the black hood, for example, will be perfect. The fedora hat (felt or panama hat) will also be an excellent compromise for both men and women. As it is very well structured wear it straight on your head this will reduce the height of your forehead and your face will be perfectly balanced. For men who have an elongated face, wear your headgear at an angle and slightly back, which will cut the guideline of your face.


To have a round face is to have a face as long as it is wide. Choose a fedora or borsalino (with a medium sized hat to balance your face). If you have long hair, leave it loose to bring verticality. Leaving them tied under your headgear would only round out your face even more. Gentlemen the hat can lengthen the silhouette, with a rounded face, choose preferably a high hat or hats that do not come down on the forehead like the pork pie, it will give you in addition a style a little jazzy.


The square face is characterized by a straight and regular face with defined features, and a relatively wide forehead and jaw. The objective here is therefore to round off the angles. That’s why you need a rather round hat, stiff enough and with medium edges to soften the shape of your face. We suggest the bowler hat, it will contradict the angular shapes of your face. Wear the right one on the head or slightly back for a more rock look. We also recommend the bell hat, which has come back in fashion in recent years, with the edges falling back on the edge of the face and breaking its square side. Be careful however if you are small this type of hat is likely to compact you a little because it crashes rather deeply on the head. Gentlemen if you have a square face like Brad Pitt, choose a bowler hat or a fedora. They will perfectly suit your morphology.


Your face is slightly rounded, with a forehead neither too big nor too small. You are the luckiest, because this well balanced morphology makes it possible to wear almost all the forms of hats. However if you want a headgear that will fit you perfectly it is recommended to choose a medium cap height. But above all, if you have an oval face, choose your headgear according to your mood and personality, you won’t have any bad surprises.


The most important thing when choosing a hat is to balance the shapes of your face. Short face think long hat and long face think wide hats. Prefer to slice a soft face with an asymmetrical hat, and a raw face with a more romantic hat like a hood, men can opt for a Fedora. It is also important to always wear your hat slightly off in order to let the light in on your face.

Whatever the shape of your face, you will find the hat man or hat woman that will highlight you among our selection of headwear!

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