What Women’s Shoes To Wear With Jeans? Casual Shoes,Boots,Derbies ……

1 What women's casual shoes to wear with jeans

Do you ever hear of women’s shoes to wear with jeans?such as casual shoes,boots,derbies etc, Jeans is a timeless part of your wardrobe, it can be worn with almost anything, it accompanies us everywhere and in all seasons, it is so easy to put on that you sometimes forget the other clothes next to it. It’s a bit like a chocolate square, you always come back to it, even when you sometimes want to forget it  So, even if the goal isn’t to be in jeans every day, so you can also enjoy other essential pieces of your dressing room like an elegant suit pants or a pretty dress, it’s a real pleasure to wear it every day in all its variants. And what’s beautiful is that a pair of jeans goes perfectly with your shoes if they are well chosen and well associated with it. They will be able to sublimate it, feminize it and bring a touch of character to it. Matching your jeans with your shoes according to the models is therefore a question that you must master to master your style at the same time. I suggest you answer this question that you should all ask yourself: which shoes to wear with jeans? I tell you everything in this article to help you improve your style and highlight you every day.

2 What women's casual shoes to wear with jeans

1. Shoes with slim jeans

Between your slim jeans and your shoes, it’s a great love story. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I sincerely believe that what makes a stylish outfit is to give your shoes the place they deserve: an essential accessory that makes sense when you see it. The slim jeans cut will leave this place to your shoes, whatever your morphology and the type of shoes you like to wear. The slim will shape your legs, give you style and femininity. Depending on your taste, you can wear it flat or in heels. But I still advise you to prefer heels, even small heels if you are not comfortable with tops. Because the slim lets you see your shapes and as much shape them thanks to a pretty pair of heels!

Feel free to wear it while playing with your tops and shoes. Put it in your boots, boots and low boots; if it’s long enough, roll it up with your sandals, pumps, sneakers and derbies. Here are some stylish and elegant look ideas to wear every day. I also refer you to my article on pumps to inspire you on shoes with jeans (3 models).

Slim jeans + low boots

3 Jeans slim + low boots

Slim jeans + boots

Slim jeans + sneakers

5 Jeans slim + sneakers

Slim jeans + pumps

6 Jeans slim + pumps

Slim jeans + sandals

Slim jeans + boots/cuissardes

Slim jeans + ballerines

Slim jeans + derbies

2.Shoes with straight jeans

The right jeans is the most basic jeans. As its name suggests, its cut is straight, neither narrow nor wide. It is a jeans model that can be worn easily, whatever your morphology.

A priori classic and passe-partout, you can give it style with your shoes. If you are not a fan of slim, the right jeans will satisfy you because it is true that it is simpler to wear and that it is easily assumed, even if you have curves.

Straight Jeans + low boots

11 Jeans straight + low boots1

Straight jeans + sneakers

Straight jeans + pumps

Straight jeans + sandals

Straight jeans + moccasins

3.Shoes with jeans 7/8

A real favorite, the 7/8 jeans give you style, in summer as well as in winter, in autumn as in spring. Why? Why? Because it leaves your ankles and shoes visible. This is a major asset. If you own it, you won’t be able to do without it.

A very interesting variant of 7/8th jeans: take it with a high waist. Whatever your morphology, it will draw your waist, make you pretty hips and buttocks, without counting that it will lengthen your legs and your silhouette.

I started wearing the 7/8th high jeans about two years ago, a real revelation that I wish you as pleasant and satisfying as mine. For your next jeans, take the test, and tell me in comment what you think  -). I also refer you to my article on low boots to inspire you with a model of jeans 7/8 light blue.

7/8 Jeans + low boots

7/8 Jeans + pumps

7/8 Jeans + sandals

7/8 Jeans + derbies

7/8 Jeans + sneakers

4.Shoes with flare jeans

The flare jeans (very flared at the bottom) reinvented our looks and makes us go back to the 70s with its vintage side which is really not to displease us.

Be careful though, flare jeans are best worn with heels and not flat (unless you are tall), because that would pack your leg and your general appearance.

The flare is worn very long and preferably high waist to have style and it is the only exception compared to your shoes which in this case are not as visible as with the other models of jeans.

The flare takes up a lot of space on its own, wear it with basic tops: a pretty navy blue blazer, a small short pastel knit sweater, a white t-shirt fitted into your jeans. An irresistible little trick, choose a model with pretty visible buttons on the front.

Flare Jeans + low boots

Flare Jeans + pumps

Flare Jeans +boots

Flare Jeans +sandals

5.Shoes with boyfriend jeans

As its name suggests, you could prick your man, but you might as well choose it in your size, not too narrow or too wide either. Boyfriend jeans have reinvented our casual look in everyday life. Good with your shoes, it’s gonna be a hit. Choose a model without holes and well cut to avoid the’bag’ side.

It can be worn low or normal size with a pretty belt, tuck your top in and roll it up for a more feminine effect that will leave your shoes clearly visible.

You can wear it flat in a relaxed way or with heels for a more elegant effect.

Boyfriend jeans + sneakers

Boyfriend jeans + derbies

Boyfriend jeans + pumps

Jeans boyfriend + low boots

Boyfriend jeans + boots

Boyfriend jeans + sandals

6.Which jeans to choose?

Don’t forget that jeans will be the most timeless when you choose them sober and well cut. Choose a quality denim material that won’t relax after two washes. Choose sober shades such as raw, indigo and light blue instead; avoid embellishments that are too marked, washed out too much and holes in all directions. It doesn’t have much interest for your style and you will quickly get tired of it.

Quality also means a certain budget, as you might expect. In the long term, it will be more interesting for your wallet anyway to have 5 quality jeans and well cut rather than 10 jeans that you will have to replace at lightning speed because of enlargement and non-holding (it folds, it hangs, it falls). You know what I mean?

In other words, to be concrete, a good pair of jeans won’t cost you 50 dollors

I hope this article has inspired and helped you to better match your jeans with your shoes,thank you for reading!

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