What Are The White Spots Under The Eye And Why Should You Not Explode Them

white spots under the eye

The white spots under the eye are called milium cysts (and may also appear on the nose, cheeks, and chin). These dots are like “white balls” that are located between two layers of skin “and have no outlet to the outside”, according to cosmetologist Virginia Esponda.

Milium cysts, according to Health Line, occur when keratin is trapped under the skin and can occur when there is long-term sun damage, use of steroid creams, skin rejuvenation procedures, blistering, or genetic issues.

The cosmetologist explains that, being between the two layers of skin, they have no exit to the outside, so they should not be tightened. Even if you squeeze it with all your might, you won’t be able to remove it and it will only hurt your skin. To visually reduce the white spots, you can exfoliate your skin, which “works like a polisher to remove dead cells”.

In order to remove them, the skin must be opened and this can only be done by a professional with the necessary care to avoid infecting the skin.

If you identify them on your face, consult a professional but do not attempt to explode them at home as they may damage your skin and cause infections.

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