This Women’s Products Commercial Did Something No Other Brand Had Dared Before

When you’re a woman, it’s almost impossible not to feel the pressure of waxing. The legs, armpits, face and intimate area covered with hair are considered “ugly” and “unattractive”. Whether you like shaving or not: when have you ever seen a rake commercial where the model does have hair? Sure never, because the media doesn’t even want to show them to say you should take them off.

(By the way, did you know that in Deadpool 2 Domino he came out with unshaven armpits?).

That’s why the Billie rake brand is gaining the admiration of many women. Billie is the first in her field to put real hair in her commercials. And let’s be honest, a knife on TV doesn’t make much of an impression if it slides down a leg that didn’t have hair in the first place.

What’s more, it’s even a little satisfying to see the hairs disappear under the rake.

For this brand it is important that companies, the media and people in general accept that it is normal for women to have hair. All women deserve respect and are free to both take them away and let them grow.

Billie is not only interested in the acceptance of the female body in all its forms. Another of its main tasks is to get rid of the pink tax: an additional charge for some products intended for women. You can read more about it here.

Not that they want to charge you more because it’s a “just for you” item. The brand has a campaign called The Pink Tax Rebate, in which they generate a link for your friends to use in their purchases. That’ll give you a discount coupon on your next visit. Their website explains that it is a symbolic gesture in compensation for the money you have lost in illogical taxes.

To top it off, Billie’s shaving and skin care products are vegan because they contain no animal ingredients. They also donate 1% of their sales to different women’s rights organisations. For example, these gains now go to Every Mother Counts, a group that seeks to ensure that every woman in the world has a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Billie sells the rake heads separately from the handles, so you only need to change the knives when necessary, instead of the entire product. Unfortunately, Billie is currently only shipping in the United States.

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