The Holding Of Your First Dates: Chic Without Looking Like It

The Holding Of Your First Dates Chic Without Looking Like It

Whether you’ve been waiting for weeks for him to finally invite you for a drink or you’ve decided to give an unknown Romeo who’s appeared on a dating site a chance, the first date is often synonymous with stress. Not surprisingly, then, that the second question that women ask themselves on average when asked out on a date is about the outfit they will wear. And for good reason: not only do they want to make a good impression, but it’s also a way to feel comfortable and confident.

What are the mistakes to avoid?

According to a survey by Paulette magazine, men do not particularly appreciate discovering their “date” too masked or perfumed, and 78% of men believe that too much make-up gives a rather negative impression. On the other hand, they like that their companion makes an effort clothing, and a small sexy dress is not to displease three quarters of them. Well when I say sexy… I mean “sexytude”: a soft mix between a charming attitude and a small dose in clothing. Everything lies in the right dosage to be the woman to conquer…

 Which style do we prefer?

To feel chic without looking too serious, most of us prefer above all to feel good about ourselves. And that’s clearly the best option! As I often say, unease creates unease… so if you want to’make an effect’ (in the good sense of the word), it’s better to feel good in the outfit you choose…

Just be yourself. To meet your soul mate, there’s no need to try to become someone else, especially since it’s the best way to feel uncomfortable. If you only wear jeans, now is not the time to put on a dress or try on leather pants.

Take into account the program: avoid sneakers if he takes you to the restaurant, and do not show up in high heels for a walk in the forest. He didn’t tell you? Play it all, in elegant shorts and moccasins.

Make a little shopping stop. It’s proven, nothing beats a nice new top or a nice new dress to feel beautiful, and more than 50% of French women feel more confident, neat and elegant in new clothes. Among the favourite brands for first dates are Naf-naf for tops, Chanel for perfumes and Gucci for sunglasses.

Why not be the star… or at least be inspired by it!

Celebrities still influence fashion, especially when you’re trying to make a good impression. As for the sexiest outfit, Millie Bobby Brown is the star: the pink Calvin Klein dress she wore for the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony generated a 31% increase in internet searches for the words Calvin Klein pink dress. Camilla Cabello doesn’t even have to go to the screen to influence fashion. His simple appearance at Tokyo airport in a mustard yellow sweater from Top Shop was enough to blow up internet sales, and the famous yellow sweater was out of stock in a few hours.

Inspiration is always necessary to create and know how to renew oneself to make sensation. However, the idea is to be inspired to reproduce “your way” in the respect of your personality. That’s what will awaken the atom bomb inside you!

Whether you decide to follow in the footsteps of Sarah Jessica Parker or Pippa Middleton, the important thing is to be comfortable in your sneakers and be true to yourself, both in the makeup and look you have chosen and in your behavior.

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