Teeth Whitening Techniques, Which One Should You Use?

White teeth are the mark of a beautiful smile and, although we have already talked about the fact that all-white teeth do not exist, we are still looking for a brighter and brighter smile.

While whitening toothpastes can help remove unwanted stains, teeth whitening treatment should be done by a medical professional who will tell us which is best for you.

Photoactivation or tooth whitening in the clinic

It is a fast and effective type of whitening with which we can see results from the first session of less than an hour’s duration: a lightening of up to 8 shades is achieved in a 45-minute session.

It is a simple treatment, but it should be carried out in a dentist’s office, since the soft tissues (gums, tongue and palate) must be isolated and protected with a special cover. A whitening gel based on hydrogen peroxide is then applied to the teeth, which is activated by LED light to accelerate the whitening process, improving the results by up to 40%.

Home Teeth Whitening

This type of whitening can be done at home, but always under the supervision of a dentist. We will need some molds of our teeth on which they make a plastic upper and lower splint on which the whitening gel is applied to each tooth.

The splints are placed in the mouth for as long as we need them, as estimated by the dentist. This method can also be combined with photoactivation as a mixed treatment.

Mixed whitening

It combines photoactivation whitening and home teeth whitening, achieving a lightening of up to 10 shades and a longer duration of results over time. It is the most complete whitening.

Internal whitening

Have you had root canal treatment and the tooth has lost its color and darkened? This is something that can happen when our tooth is devitalized (with endodontics the nerve and vascularization inside the tooth is eliminated). In these cases, an internal whitening can be performed to restore the tooth’s colour: it is always done by a professional in several sessions that are carried out in the clinic.

Remember that the dentist is the best person to guide you in choosing the whitening treatment you need.

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