Sunglasses That Look Better On Every Type Of Face: Tips And Models For Inspiration

Sunglasses that look better on every type of face tips and models for inspiration

If choosing the sunglasses that fit your face best is always a challenge, we’ll help you. Although there is no rule about what we can and cannot use, there are some tips that can help you find a type of glasses that you like and that is more harmonious for your type of face.

Get inspired by these models and see which ones are best for you.

Dark lenses for round face

If you have a more rounded face, square or rectangular glasses can look good with your features.

This is because the straight lines of these lenses create a balance with the rounder faces. This way, everything becomes more harmonious and you will look even more beautiful with this type of lens.

Dark lenses for square faceDark lenses for square face

For square faces, where the width of the forehead and jaw are similar, round or oval glasses help to smooth the expression.

In this case, something similar happens to the round faces. The contrast of the formats eventually balances the physiognomy. It’s all a matter of balance of form.

Eyeglasses for elongated face

Elongated faces generally have a slightly narrower chin than the forehead. Glasses known as `kitten’ are among the models that most favor this type of face.

This model gives balance to the elongated facial features, thanks to its wide upper extremities and extended to the sides. The previous model, from the American brand Biscayners, with a bamboo wood finish, gives a modern touch to this true classic among the accessories.

Sunglasses for triangular face

The main characteristic of the triangular face is a thinning that begins in the jaw and goes up to the tip of the chin, forming a “V”. If the idea is to balance these features, glasses with thick and wide frames may be the best choice.

Dark Slow Face Oval

The oval face is slightly elongated, but with rounded features. Because of these features that are a “fusion” between the details of the other face types, most styles of sunglasses fit you well.

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