Secrets To Maintaining Fitness

Secrets to maintaining fitness

Maintaining a good physical condition does not mean that a person is or should be an athlete, but that it is enough to carry out an adequate physical activity to maintain oneself with energy and courage.

Being fit means being able to be physically active, feel energetic and have the strength to feel better. A good physical level allows a person to enjoy better health than the rest of the more sedentary people, and reduces the risk of suffering from certain diseases.

Being in good health does not mean that a person should be an “athlete”, as they are highly physically developed, but it is not necessarily the standard sought in general. A person who is accustomed to taking fast walks may well develop a good physical level. Keep in mind that making small lifestyle changes can bring great benefits for those looking for better fitness.

Benefits of fitness

Mainly, being in good physical shape can be said to contribute to each person’s overall sense of well-being, one that is associated with having more energy, being able to do more activities, being in good spirits and also having the desire to do more in one day.

A person who stays active burns more calories than a person who leads a sedentary life, even when nothing is being done. Another interesting point is that having a good physical condition, that person is able to do intense exercises without the need to make as much effort as one who is not well conditioned.

Those who are in good physical condition take care of their heart, lungs, bones and joints, as well as protecting themselves against diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, among others. A good physical condition is not the solution to all the problems associated with health, but it does help to reduce any possibility of contracting some of them.

What kind of physical activity you need to do to be fit

Those looking for fitness should choose the following:

Moderate aerobic activities of at least 2 hours and 30 minutes per week. This time can be set aside for physical activity every day, three times a week or twice a week. Depending on the availability of time for each person, walks of 45, 22 or 15 minutes a day can be done.

Engage in strenuous activities, such as running. The minimum that should be practiced per week is 75 minutes of activity, which can be distributed by days to get the proposed time per week.

One of the methods that allows us to know what level of physical activity is required to achieve good physical fitness is to calculate the ideal heart rate, because if we manage to do an exercise maintaining that level of heartbeat, the body optimizes the effort and obtain better results. It should be remembered that for those who wish to lose weight or condition their body, “over-exertion” is of no use, but rather measuring “what effort is best suited to the proposed objectives”. To measure the ideal heart rate level there are free online calculators that do this.

A curious piece of advice is that when you are exercising at an appropriate level, you can talk, but not sing. Try it, it’s fun and it works!

Tips for finding the perfect physical activity

Some of the advice that can be given to those who wish to know which activity suits them best consists of:

Try to walk with friends, trying to transform certain routines into moments for sharing, exchanging opinions and walking.

Schedule a specific time for exercise without anyone disturbing or interrupting it, so that you will only concentrate on the exercises that are proposed.

Seek to share an activity with other people you know, so that there is a greater commitment to doing it on a daily basis.

Join a health club, so you can encourage yourself by seeing the others share the same activity and goals.

Find a routine that can be interspersed with another, to prevent it from becoming monotonous and boring.

Set small goals, where you can compare what type of exercise you did best.

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