How To Do A Good Relaxing Back Massage For Women

How To Do A Good Relaxing Back Massage For Women

To treat a musculoskeletal or neuro-muscular injury with therapeutic massage requires of course all the anatomical, physiological, pathological and massage technique knowledge that a career in health sciences such as physiotherapy can provide. But a back massage with the purpose of making a person feel good does not require much science; however, many refuse, since they do not know any technique to move the tissues or feel that they can harm others with the massage. The reality is that a massage just to give pleasure is nothing complicated, just follow some guidelines and advice that we give you.

The back: a zone of accumulation of stress and emotional burdens

Without a doubt, the back is one of the areas of the body that suffers most in daily life. Very intense work, a lifestyle with a very low level of physical activity, poor body posture and even our emotions can cause back strain that a simple massage can help relieve or release.

It is important that you know that we do not teach you a sophisticated technique that will be impossible for you to perform. Of course, within physical therapy there are countless techniques and they all have a different purpose, but the ones we teach you here are very simple and useful maneuvers. Just keep in mind that what you are looking for is pleasure in the person you are massaging, so you need to carry all the affection and positive energy you can, because through your hands you will establish a connection and transmit your thoughts to the person you are massaging.

Tips for massaging your back

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to a massage:

Use of relaxing oils and creams

A cream or oil may have some active ingredient or ingredient to help you relax more powerfully. There are many types of creams and oils, you can use whatever you like. Just remember to use a small amount and spread it evenly over the entire back; it is not necessary to smear cream on the person, as more cream or oil does not mean more relaxation, and it will not let you have good control over the back tissues you will work.

Do not cause pain… Never!

When something hurts, the body’s first reaction is to increase tension to protect, and more tension means more pain. We know that the back has many muscles: some are very large and found on the surface, but others are very small and found much deeper. It’s a matter of finding a balance: working with high pressure on the muscles, but not making it hurt.

Basic maneuvers for back massage

The following maneuvers are the same as the ones you saw in the video, but we’ll give you some details so you don’t forget them. Don’t forget to always check the breathing of the person you are massaging: it should be slow and steady. Also remember to keep a steady pace, no sudden changes in intensity or speed of movement:

  • Separation of the tissues with the hands, from the centre outwards
  • Tissue kneading (with a little more intensity)
  • Pressure on both sides of the spine
  • Sliding with forearms

Don’t lose focus on your goal to have a successful massage!

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