If You Shouldn’t Wash Your Hair Every Day, How Often Should You Do It

Washing your hair every day is not recommended. The scalp produces oils that travel through the strand of hair to hydrate it and using shampoo every day prevents this from happening and causes dry hair. Therefore, it breaks easily and, of course, that frizz that bothers us so much happens.

But then, how often should you wash your hair?

According to its texture

For Vernon François, celebrity stylist, it all depends on the texture of your hair and your lifestyle. “If you go to the gym regularly, it influences how often you have to wash it…” But texture also matters.

For example, if curly hair is involved, it is best to wash it when it is dirty. “Dirty, with real dirt […] sweat and grease is not being dirty,” says Jessica O’Brien, another stylist. If this rule doesn’t work for you, let’s simplify it into a simpler one: wash your hair once a week.

If you have straight hair, it is preferable to wash it every two or three days. Davide Marinelli, owner of a famous salon in the United States, says this varies according to each person’s routine. “Find a system that gives your hair texture without weighing it down.”

Take your skin type into account

Skin type should also be considered when determining how often to wash your hair. If yours is normal to dry, we suggest using shampoo every three to four days. If you feel it’s not enough, add conditioner to your cleansing routine, using it every other day, but without washing your hair completely.

If you have oily skin, wash your hair once a week. Do it with a shampoo that gives volume to your hair and removes excess oil. In addition, it is best to opt for post shower conditioners.

Now, if your skin is dry, locate the right shampoo for you and apply it three times a week.

What about them? What about them?

Considering that men tend to wear their hair much shorter than we do, scalp sebum has to travel a shorter distance to moisturize the hair.

Male hair is usually less dry and therefore they can tolerate more washes than we can, but that doesn’t mean they need to. The frequency will depend on your lifestyle.

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