HowTo Make Up According To My Face

How to make up according to my face

Women love to look good. We like to look beautiful and attractive. And for this we use an arsenal of things among which we can highlight the irons, hair dryers, bucklers, nail polishes, fashionable clothing, beautiful shoes, and of course, our protagonist today, makeup. You wonder how to make up according to my face?

Knowing how to make up is a skill we often learn from our mothers, friends or older sisters. Sometimes we imitate their styles because they look beautiful. But in many cases, our faces are not like those of these women, so that style doesn’t look as good as we would expect. Each one of us must learn to make up according to her own face.

Here are some tips….

Skin tone: regardless of the tone, look for a base that is the same as yours, looking lighter or darker on the face than on the neck is not pretty. If you have dark skin, look for earthy or purple tones that will enhance your features. If your skin is clear, try peach or pink tones.

Face shape: this is the most important topic, so we will look at it in detail.

Oval face

it’s the ideal shape, you can use almost any make-up trend and you don’t need to demarcate it with make-up.

Round face

the areas to be highlighted are the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks and chin. Use a darker shade on the temples, sides of the cheeks and jaw to demarcate the face.

Square face

to reduce the hardness of your features try to highlight the center of your forehead, under the eyes and the tip of your chin. Now apply the darker shade to the hairline near the temples and at the corners of your jaw.

Heart-shaped face

the darkest parts should be the temples and sides of the cheeks, while the highlighted parts should be the chin, forehead and under the eyes.

Long face

so that it doesn’t look so long, it highlights your chin with a bronzer and highlights your cheeks with color.

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