How To Wear The White Shirt This Basic… Chic

How To Wear The White Shirt This Basic... Chic0

he white t-shirt 100% basic, do you have at least 1 in your dressing room? If the answer is no, you are depriving yourself of a truly essential piece of your wardrobe. In that case, I advise you to add it to your next shopping list.

Some of you may never have had the idea to buy a simple white t-shirt, with this thought (sometimes unconscious): “why do, it’s a stupid t-shirt, it has no interest…”. Many people think that you can’t be elegant with such an “ordinary” t-shirt.

Well, it’s just the opposite! The dumb white t-shirt is in reality a “must have”, an essential, an indispensable part of our dressing room. He is elegant in spite of himself…

Why? Because it is timeless, luminous, minimalist. Its magic lies in its simplicity and its candid purity.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said Leonardo da Vinci.

In fine weather, it is an ideal room because it associates with everything.

But be careful, so that the white t-shirt makes all its effect, it is necessary especially well to choose it.

How to choose your white t-shirt?

It must be chosen in a fairly soft and fine material (cotton jersey or cotton/linen blend) and must not be moulded or adjusted. Strecth is absolutely avoided.

It must be long enough to fit easily into another garment or even tie it cropped top during the summer. It also has the advantage of hiding a small belly by inserting it in the bottom while making it blouser.

It doesn’t have to be transparent, but it can let you subtly guess the bra.

We choose a round collar or a light V (and not a strict, very pointed and marked V) for more softness and femininity. We therefore avoid shaving the neck which will have too masculine an effect. A boyish posture and hop elegance escapes in 2 seconds… even with high heels.

How To Wear The White Shirt This Basic... Chic6

The ideal white t-shirt has short sleeves, but long enough to have fun rolling them according to the desired style.

Apart from that, it must be 100% basic: zero detail, zero frills, no pocket, no logo. He must remain faithful to his true nature: MINIMALIST.

It must of course be white in white. As soon as it turns greyish or yellowish, it is removed from the dressing room and a new one is bought. Hence the importance of maintaining it well. Don’t wear it the day you have sunscreen on your body: it’s its worst enemy, nothing better to shoot it! The cream leaves yellow traces that cannot be removed.

Where to find him? At Petit bateau, Uniqlo, American Apparel…

How to wear the white t-shirt like a basic chic:

As I mentioned earlier, its advantage is that it can be associated with everything. You will look elegant wearing it with other basic pieces but also combining it with pointed pieces for a trendier look.

The white t-shirt saves your money when you block in front of your wardrobe:

Pair it with a pair of jeans (any one but a raw one will always be more elegant) and add pretty sandals with heels (or pumps) with a well-cut tailor’s jacket: here you are, at the top for the office, nothing simpler!

How To Wear The White Shirt This Basic... Chic8

 associate it to all the parts which pose difficulties to you:

  • it gives a trendy look to the coloured trousers;
  • it calms down the “crazy” pieces: leather, animal motifs (snake, leopard…), the brilliance of sequins, mini skirts and shorts, original prints, surprising materials (neoprene…) ;
  • it gives a chic look to a long skirt a little bohemian or romantic;
  • it modernizes the pencil skirt by diverting it from the traditional office look;
  • it makes legitimate a tutu skirt: with high heels and a beautiful pocket, your evening dress is unique, elegant and trendy!

How To Wear The White Shirt This Basic... Chic2 How To Wear The White Shirt This Basic... Chic9

How To Wear The White Shirt This Basic... Chic3          How To Wear The White Shirt This Basic... Chic4

You have understood it, it combines with all patterns and all styles. The magic formula: as soon as you have a garment that you do not know how to wear, think of your white t-shirt: it will work miracles every time;).

And you’ll save time!

I invite you to discover, on my Pinterest, even more ideas to wear your white t-shirt with class and femininity.

And how do you like wearing the white t-shirt?

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