How To Prevent Blemishes After Waxing, According To A cosmetologist

How to prevent blemishes after waxing, according to a cosmetologist

Do you shave and get spots? VIX interviewed cosmetologist Virginia Esponda to explain how to stop having folliculitis after waxing and say goodbye to those annoying bumps.


The first thing you need to do is to disinfect the area with alcohol to remove bacteria from the skin. And after you remove the hair, wipe it with cotton wool and alcohol again. Why? When the hair is removed, the follicle becomes inflamed and closes, but if there are bacteria it can become infected (and that’s when pimples come out).


In addition, Esponda recommends using any antiseptic “to keep the area clean”. On the other hand, he advises using creams with a healing and anti-inflammatory effect for post-waxing “that help to calm irritation” and avoid pimples.

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