Face Masks: Tips For The Right Application


Face masks are the perfect way for a wellness break for the face. In our fast-moving, hectic world, our skin is exposed to many influences. Dirt, sun, stress, etc. leave their mark on our skin. Face masks provide our skin with nourishing active ingredients that support its daily defensive function.

The right application

Hands and face should be thoroughly cleaned before applying the mask. A gentle peeling is the best preparation for care measures. It frees the skin from deposits such as horn scales, dirt, sweat and make-up residues. Apply with the fingertips or a soft cosmetic brush in a circle to the face.

Then the face mask follows: Use a cosmetic brush or spatula to apply. Apply evenly and cream from the centre of the face outwards. Avoid the eye area and leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove mask with cosmetic wipes, a warm towel or a sponge and then dry face.

For dry skin: Wait for the mask to be applied after cleansing. If the face mask is applied immediately, evaporation can reduce the positive preparatory effect.

For stressed skin: prepare the face with a gentle cleansing milk. Remove the milk with a soft cloth so that no mechanical stress reduces the soothing mask effect.

Peel-off masks: Avoid eyebrows and hairline when applying. This way the mask can be removed easily and painlessly.

Our cosmetic tip: You can intensify the effect of the face mask with warmth: Apply the mask, place a warm towel on the face and relax.

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