Eliminate Fungus And Corns On The Feet With This Incredible Home Remedy

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In addition to helping us eliminate fungal infections of the feet, aspirin is also very effective in relieving inflammation in the area as well as reducing stains.

While the feet are the guarantors of our body’s balance, most people give them very little importance until they notice imperfections.

The use of shoes, continuous friction and their contact with several types of microorganisms can affect their skin, and over time, cause corns, cracks and certain infections.

If we are all exposed to it in the same way, the lack of care and treatment can lead to more serious symptoms which, in addition to being unsightly, generate pain and inflammation.

Fortunately, it is not always necessary to spend astronomical sums on pedicures or professional treatments to have feet without corns, fungus or other ailments.

In fact, if you mix ingredients that are easy to find on the market and economical, you can get excellent remedies to soften them and keep them healthy.

In this article, we want to share with you an interesting recipe so that you start to take care of it, thanks to two ingredients!

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Home remedy to fight against fungus and corns on the feet

The home foot remedies catalogue offers us a wide variety of preparations to fight against fungal infections, remove dead cells and avoid other embarrassing problems that cause them harm.

Among them is a treatment with aspirin and lemon juice, known almost everywhere for its ability to exfoliate, cleanse and soften the hardest areas of the skin.

Aspirin is an analgesic and anticoagulant medication that is often used to relieve headaches, fever and certain blood circulation problems.

Although these are its most common applications, it is also used as an aesthetic and skin health component.

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Indeed, it helps fight acne, stains and other impurities that adhere to the surface of the skin.

Moreover, thanks to its composition, it is very effective in controlling fungal infections of the feet and nails, because it reduces proliferation and controls the sensation of itching they cause.

It contains a high concentration of beta-hydroxy acid, a fat-soluble component that cosmetic companies use in the preparation of creams and exfoliating lotions.

It also contains anti-inflammatory and calming substances that help reduce tension and pain in this part of the body, especially after a busy day of physical activity.

In addition, it is used to lighten dark spots that, as everyone knows, can form on the feet due to exposure to the sun, toxins and contact with various surfaces.

How to prepare this home remedy to take care of the feet?

If you notice that your feet have calluses, cracks or any imperfections, don’t hesitate to try incredible treatments to improve their appearance in a short time.

Its ingredients are very easy to acquire and since they are not aggressive, they are perfect for all skin types.

In fact, their regular application reduces the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, preventing pH imbalances in the skin and bad odours.

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5 aspirins

The juice of a lemon

1 pumice stone


Put the aspirins in a mortar and crush them until you obtain a small powder. If you do not have mortar, moisten them with a little water and crush them with a fork or heavy object.

Put the powder in a container and add the lemon juice.

Mix everything for a few moments, until a thick and homogeneous paste is obtained.

If you notice it is too dry, add more lemon or a spoonful of water.

Method of use

Rinse your feet to remove dirt accumulated on the surface.

Then spread a thin layer of the product on the areas affected by corns and fungus.

Wait 20 to 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Rub areas with a pumice stone to remove dead, hard skin.

Remove dead cells with warm water and dry your feet well.

Repeat this two or three times a week to get good results.

Ready to see your feet transformed? Add this simple treatment to your daily beauty program and discover all its benefits for the skin.

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