Effective Weight-loss Diet

First to clarify some important points before going on a diet, I don’t believe in fad diets, I don’t believe in starving myself to lose weight and achieve my weight, I have a clear vision of my self-image what I mean is that my weight is fine when I look good and feel strong and confident. Many times we go to the gym and I see women who because of their low self-esteem or image do not stop slimming and exercising excessively, their bones are excessively thin. For all of these reasons and for sure there are more I ALWAYS recommend seeing a doctor first. Many times we start a diet and because society, television, magazines, singers, we want to look like them quickly and we don’t realize the harm we do to ourselves and it’s not worth it. But here we go, here we go.

First of all I love to exercise, I am a person who when I have time (I have to adjust to my job) I go five times a week, it makes me feel strong, safe, toned, disconnects me from the stress of work. Running on a machine listening to music or someone positive inspires me for the rest of the day. I try to go to the morning because it makes me start the day with a positive attitude and is reflected in everything I do during the day.

I do weights, kettlebells and when I have time I love crossfit, it’s really strong and if you like challenges it’s great, getting out of the comfort zone helps you for the rest of your life. Doesn’t mean we all have to do the same thing. Many people love Pilates, Hot yoga, Zumba or an aerobics class you should always look for what you like and feel good about.

Healthy diet to lose weight

Always look for a diet to lose weight naturally, are the best results you will get, there are people who try pills but when they are left everything comes back or usually have a lot of caffeine and make you feel like speedy Gonzales, which can be dangerous.

When you naturally lose weight, what you achieve are changes in your life habits, I learned this from Tony Robbins.

Water: I always drink when I lift a glass of water, to recover the liquid that is lost during the night, then I drink 4 or 5 more glasses a day this is fundamental, it keeps your body hydrated. I don’t believe in zero calories and the taste is not very rich.

Alcohol I take moderation simply because I like to enjoy wine a glass or two.

My origin is South America, so I love meat, so the best way to continue eating without being affected by my health was to reduce the amount, eliminate fat. I had to forget about the giant roasts that included sausage, chips and all kinds of fats. It was hard, believe me. I totally stopped eating at McDonald’s or any of these fast food places. Al I take my own food or choose healthy places to eat

I don’t say I don’t eat more but there is a day in the week when I allow myself to lie in my diet and eat very moderately.

As much salmon fish (serving size 120g), it is the best, but all types of fish help in the diet. You can eat the canned tuna, make sure you eliminate the oil as much as you can or just use tuna in water. A good tomato salad, lettuce, onion and cucumber with tuna is very fresh and healthy for lunch or dinner.

Chicken (serving size 120 gr.), I remove all the fat from the oven or grill and always accompany it with salads. Portions must be moderate.

Fruit as much as I can for breakfast an apple salad, banana, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries. With grapefruit juice that helps in the diet. During the afternoon or morning as a snack I use pears or other fruits. Some people like protein bars. If you have access to peanut butter (be careful if you are allergic to peanut), it is delicious with whole grain bread and snack jam.

I also use oats with a lot of fiber for breakfast, and granola and hard-boiled eggs. But I never skip physical exercise and breakfast. I have a coffee, but I’m addicted to green tea or yerba mate.

When we talk about bread I use everything whole and very limited. The same pasta is all integral.

Vegetables all day long such as salads during a meal or snacks such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce, carrots, baked sweet potatoes are an excellent source of fiber.

I learned to eat Tofu, it has no fat and can be combined with well seasoned vegetables is very rich, it feeds you and does not make you fat. There are tofu burgers. It may be hard to get used to at first, but you’ll find many low-calorie recipes on the Internet.

The point is that you have to be creative with food, not excesses. Eat four or five times a day in small portions, you are never hungry.

Slimming is not the result of counting calories, starving, or forcing yourself into physical activities that you don’t like.

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