Don’t Wear False Eyelashes!

Don't wear false eyelashes!

There is nothing more beautiful than eyes surrounded by voluptuous and eye-catching eyelashes. But not all of us have the grace of long, abundant natural eyelashes, and that’s why there are false eyelashes. But these, as beautiful as they may look, have their pros and cons.

In this article iMujer we want to warn you about some problems that the use of false eyelashes can cause you. Make a note of that.

1.Buildup of dirt and bacteria

The eyelashes are designed to protect the eyes, which naturally filter out dirt and bacteria. But false eyelashes do not have that ability, and they are an unpleasant accumulation of dirt. The extra thickness and glue trap bacteria against the eyelid, which can cause eye infections.

2.Weaken the eyelid

Although it may not look like it, false eyelashes are an extra weight, and even the lightest ones, cause a weakening of the eyelid. You may not notice this when using them temporarily, but for long periods of time you are more likely to feel the heaviness. Weakened eyelids will make you look tired, and in the future it will be more difficult for you to wear false eyelashes.

3.Allergic reaction

Many false lashes use toxic adhesives that can cause an allergic reaction. Watery eyes, skin irritation and itchy eyes are some of the mild or more serious reactions. Avoid this problem by using non-toxic, solvent-free adhesives.

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4.Temporary loss of eyelashes

The weight of the hairpiece can cause your eyelashes to fall off. Ironically, you’re looking for fuller, more gorgeous eyelashes, and you’re gradually losing the natural ones. Weight, chemicals or improper use of hairpieces can cause your own lashes to fall off. Avoid them especially if you have thin eyelashes.

5.Darkening of the iris

Strangely enough, constant use of false eyelashes can cause your iris color to darken. This is due to the chemicals used in the glue and solvent, which cause brown pigmentation in your iris, which is permanent.


A strong allergic reaction or a very serious infection from false eyelashes can cause an excess of bacteria, which can even lead to blindness. It may sound too severe or exaggerated, but it is a possibility that should not be ruled out.

7.Glue in the eyes

One mistake that can cost you dearly is the possibility of glue getting into your eye. You’ll have beautiful eyelashes, but red eyes for a while, and that’s priceless.

Depending on the sensitivity of your eyes, you may even get an eye infection. If this is a common problem for you, try to place your false eyelashes in a beauty salon.

Without a doubt, false eyelashes can be used for a special occasion – a wedding, a special party – but not for everyday use. It is much better to get a good mascara that meets all our needs and thus be able to simulate longer and thicker lashes.

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