Doesn’t Your Perfume Last All Day? Maybe You’re Making Some Of These Mistakes

Doesn't your perfume last all day Maybe you're making some of these mistakes

When we buy or are given a perfume that we love, the first thing we do is put on some so that everyone can smell it. The first few hours the aroma is very evident and anyone who is close to us tells us how pleasant it is.

But as the hours go by, the smell fades. What’s happening?! Of course, you wanted that delicious fragrance to accompany you until the end of your day. So that your favourite perfume doesn’t leave you a few hours after wearing it, avoid the following mistakes.

1. Dryness

If your skin is not well hydrated, the perfume will not hold for long. Make sure you’re using a cream that’s right for your skin type. You can also put a little petroleum jelly on the parts where you will apply the product, so it will last longer.

2.Not just the neck

In addition to putting some of the perfume on your neck and/or behind your ears, it is recommended that a small amount stay in your hair and clothing. For that you can spray a shot of perfume on the air and place yourself underneath it, so that it falls on you. You can also use it on the crease of the elbows, behind the knees and the ear lobes.

3.No impulse purchases

Remember that the PH of our skin is a very important factor for the duration of the perfume. If you come across a perfume that you like very much, don’t buy it immediately. Ask them to spray it on your wrist and/or neck and wait a couple of hours to see how it works. It can happen that your PH does not go very well and fades very quickly or that in the end you don’t like the smell on your skin as much.


Be sure to store your perfume in a cool, dark place, preferably inside its box. Avoid places where the temperature is high or exposed to sunlight, as this can affect its composition. If you have several scents, try not to open them all at once. Use the first one until it’s over and then continue with another one. This will also help prevent them from evaporating so quickly and losing their properties.

5.Don’t rub your wrists

Although it is a very common practice, it does not really help the aroma last longer. The only thing you will achieve is to break the particles of the fragrance and make them evaporate faster. You’d better avoid this habit.

6.Nothing is forever

A perfume with high concentration lasts on average 16 hours. On the other hand, the perfume water lasts 6 hours and the cologne only 3 hours. Take this into account when choosing the products you will use.

If possible, take a small spray with your favorite perfume in the bag, so that you can shock yourself before the end of your day and the scent will stay with you until the end of the day.

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