Do You Feel Bloated? 7 Reasons Why You’re Retaining Water And Gaining Weight (And How To Fix It)

Do you feel bloated 7 reasons why you're retaining fluid and gaining weight 1

When you gain weight, those extra pounds are water and not fat. Gaining weight in water occurs when water builds up in the tissues, causing water retention and, as a result, you feel swollen and heavy. “Instead of urinating that water, the body stores it between the organs and the skin,” Lynn Mack, a professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, told Health.

But unlike fat burning, which can be more difficult, ending water retention can be easy. First you have to identify why and then take some steps to feel deflated.

Causes of Water retention

1.Salt: If you add too much salt to your meals, you may be retaining water. “More sodium, more retention,” explains the teacher.

2.Menstrual cycle: As menstruation approaches, the body begins to retain water. Your face, legs, arms, and pelvic area will feel swollen the most. The reason? The hormonal changes.

3.Birth control pills: Hormonal changes can lead to water retention and, when you take birth control pills, you notice a big hormonal change.

4.Cortisol: If stress hormone levels increase, your body will probably retain more water.

5.Travelling: travelling is beautiful… but if you are sitting for many hours you can experience water retention. “Muscles contract from sitting too long. And the accumulation of water in those areas generates swelling,” she explains to Health.

6.Medications: Medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and other problems can have side effects such as water retention.

7.Circulation problems: If you have circulatory problems, water retention will be the consequence. Consult your doctor to find out why this problem is occurring and what the solution may be.

How to avoid water retention

  • Avoid very salty foods: some foods are already salty. Avoid adding salt because it will increase water retention. Also, try to avoid processed foods because they have a lot of added salt.
  • Drink more water: water is magic. And in this case it is no exception. When you feel bloated, drink plenty of water, the body will begin to eliminate the water it has retained.
  • Exercise: For circulation problems and water retention, exercise is most effective.
  • Moisturizing foods: watermelon, spinach, and foods with lots of water can be complementary to the water you drink and help you feel deflated.

Do you experience water retention? These can be the reasons and you can solve it easily. Habit changes are essential to eliminate water retention.

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