8 Tips And Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know About And You Should Start Using Now

8 Tips and make-up mistakes you didn't know about and you should start using now

When I see a girl wearing makeup to perfection, I definitely recognize and respect her ability to take advantage of her cosmetics to highlight the beauty of her face. I admire when they get a straight line in their eyes, I love to see women who master the technique of contouring; and I definitely love to see girls with beautiful, shiny lips, which never seem to smear or erase their lipstick.

However, no matter how “expert” we may be, there are a couple of details about makeup that we forget to notice. Blogger Stephanie Lange shares some of her wisdom with us with a tutorial on what to do and what not to do during our makeup ritual. Many of his tips make a lot of sense and are quite useful; like, personally, I didn’t know that sunscreen is applied from the temple, but I’ll try it the next time I use it. Take note of these 8 “Don’t do it, and YES do it” tips you didn’t know about makeup.

1.Don’t do it: don’t wear makeup base on your neck

At this first point, the make-up artist is purposely using a much more tanned base to her natural skin color, and she paints her neck, which is completely wrong.

The color of your neck is naturally lighter than the color of your face, because your face is more exposed to the sun, and your chin creates a shadow that protects your neck from getting a tan; that is, it looks very rare for your neck and face to have the same tone. It’s much better if your base shade is the same color as your chest and not your neck.

Instead: Starts from the dark circles under the eyes and blends out

It’s always best to start blurring your foundation from the “inside out”, where your dark circles begin, to your temples, and where your cheeks end. A blurring sponge is much more recommended than using your fingers, and it is also important to apply it by tapping the sponge so that the coating is lost and you don’t see a large base clay.

2.Don’t do it: don’t do the fish mouth

This is one of the most common mistakes, and for some reason we always make it again. When you add up your cheeks and make that mouth like a “little fish” to make up your tanning lotion, all you do is leave your face with a very marked shadow, like a skull. Once you stop making your mouth this way, you will realize that you only managed to turn your cheeks dark and without any shape or volume to your cheekbones.

Instead: Draw from the root of your hair to the cheekbone

If you don’t have this type of long, thin brush, you can use your fingers to follow a soft line that starts at the root of your hair, more or less under your temple, and then follow it halfway down where you feel your cheekbone ends. Then you can blend with a round, fat brush to give it a little more naturalness.

3.Don’t do it: don’t apply blush near the nose or in circles.

The blush should never be excessive, much less in the middle of your cheeks. This makeup error generates a false effect on your face, and it seems that you have some reaction or irritation on your skin. When it comes to blushing, always remember that “less is more.

Instead: apply a minimal amount of blush horizontally

For a natural result, apply blush to the center of your cheekbones, as if you were drawing a horizontal line down to your temple; then blend a little. A good tip is to blow out the brush to remove the excess blush on it, so you can control more of the amount you put in. If you still have problems with the amount of blush you end up applying to your cheeks, it is also easier to change to a cream blush and apply it with your fingertips.

4.Don’t do it: contour your nose with a straight line and without blurring.

Contouring is a newly popular make-up technique that involves creating shadows and lights that highlight and refine the features of your face. But if you’ve already decided to contour your nose to achieve that “cosmetic surgery with makeup” effect, you must make every effort to ensure that the contours you draw on your nose are never noticed. Many women make only one vertical line, from the eyebrow to the nostril; this bad habit of nose contouring only makes it look bigger and more unnatural.

Instead, pay more attention to the tip of your nose than the sides.

You better avoid that thick contouring line. Instead, it is preferable to focus your attention on strategic points on your nose. The lower part of the tip and the nostrils are a good place to create small shadows.

5.Don’t do it: don’t apply shade directly to your eyelids

The intention of using shadows in your eyes is to recreate an effect of a larger, more open eye. Shine on the lower eyelid is only recommended when you have a slanted, sunken type of eye. For any other type of eyes, using the shadow directly on your eyelid creates an unflattering effect on your eyes and causes your eyes to look much smaller.

Instead: just make up the top of the basin

First of all, it is advisable to use a nude or natural colored base shade that has a matte consistency; this to achieve a little more depth in your look. Then choose the color shadow you want in your eyes, and blur it into semi-circles until you get a much deeper look and a kind of “natural shadow in your eyes” that will make them look bigger.

6.Don’t do it: leave the tail of your line too short

The point of eyelining (especially “cat eyes” with a small tail at the end) serves to lengthen the look and not the other way around. The “tail” at the end of the eyelash line should be outside where the eyelashes end and not inside. The longer and straighter your eye is, the longer and more ripped your eye will look.

Instead: use tape to help you outline

The idea of lining your eyes with a “tail” at the end is always to get a big, waking look. Use tape under your eyes and point it at your temple. You can create lines as long and thick as you like. Although we know that eyeliner is one of the most difficult parts of your makeup, we also have not only this trick, but also 18 tips to achieve a perfect line.

7.Don’t do it: draw your square eyebrows

You should avoid stuffing your eyebrows too dark and drawing them as a square “block” at the beginning of the eyebrow. Rectangular marking of your eyebrows will always be an unflattering effect for any type of eye and look; only to make your eyebrows look more droopy and “rough”.

Instead: focus your attention more on the upper arch of your eyebrow

With a brush and eye shadow, define the arch of your eyebrows, that is, the highest point of your eyebrows. Start from that point and draw down to where the eyebrow ends. Then gradually fill your eyebrows but without getting where they start. The more blurred they are, the thicker and more natural they look. He also knows everything you need to know to have perfect eyebrows, and always remember that “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”.

8.Don’t do it: never use lipsticks that don’t suit your skin tone.

Actually, at the end of the day it’s all about taste, but as a friend’s advice, there are lip tones that don’t visually favor skin color. Especially if you don’t fill your lips completely to the point where the contour line is.

Instead: outline (just a little) outside the natural edge of your lips

Another excellent tip we have for you is that of the exact outline outside the edge of your lips. That is to say, with a brush or lipstick, you will draw exactly on that “transparent” line that defines your lips, and even if it seems not so important, when you make it up you will create an effect of thick and voluminous lips in a matter of seconds. Learn how to master this trick by also using geometric shapes to paint your lips.

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