7 Morning Rituals To Eliminate Cellulite

7 morning rituals to eliminate cellulite

In addition to applying a suitable cream, to eliminate cellulite it is essential that we change our eating habits and include an exercise routine in our daily routine.

Are you fighting terrible cellulite? I’m sure you already know that this is a really complicated task that requires a lot of effort and perseverance.

Although this is a challenge and it will be difficult to eliminate all traces of cellulite, following the proper routine will help you to do so.

Here we tell you what the morning rituals are to eliminate cellulite that you should follow. Forget the idea that in a few days it will be gone because it takes a little more time.

If you are constant, in a month or a month and a half you will see real results.

1.Drink lemon water when you get up

This is a simple ritual that brings great benefits. It is as simple as squeezing the juice of a lemon and mixing it with a cup of warm or hot water and drinking it.

Be sure to use organic lemons and purified water to avoid toxins that can harm you.

With this recipe you not only manage to eliminate cellulite. It also helps you fight the toxins in the food you eat throughout the day.

Lemon water has great properties that you should not overlook. From rehydration to helping you get more restful sleep.

2.Do an anti-cellulite exercise routine

It can be difficult to establish an exercise routine to eliminate cellulite. However, once you get used to it, you can’t imagine your tomorrow without it.

A good anti-cellulite exercise routine is one that helps you build muscle. This way you burn the accumulated fat and give shape to the skin where the cellulite has already appeared.

It is important that you are aware from the beginning that you will need at least one month to see the first results. The best exercises are:



Oblique abs

Going up and down stairs

It is important that you take the exercise patiently. You will not see great results in the first month because these do not appear until 6 weeks of continuous exercise. The important thing is not to get discouraged and, above all, not to stop exercising when you already have the desired results.

3.Brush your skin before bathing

Brushing your skin dry is a step that should become a habit. All you need is a natural bristle brush (otherwise you could scratch or hurt your skin, which is not recommended).

With it you must brush every part of your body, from top to bottom. This ritual not only helps you to eliminate cellulite, but also helps you to improve blood circulation and speeds up your metabolism.

Skin brushing alone works quite well. However, if you want faster effects, try a detox program once a month. You’ll find the results surprising.

4.Apply anti-cellulite cream to the affected area

After brushing your skin you should take your usual bath. This will help you remove all the dead cells that have been removed by brushing. After bathing, apply a sufficient amount of special cream to eliminate cellulite.

Many women believe that these creams do not work just because they do not see quick results. It is important to remember that if you just apply it, without exercising or brushing your skin, the results will take longer to appear.

The best creams to eliminate cellulite are those rich in antioxidants. You can find a great variety based on caffeine, but you can use any other of your choice.

When applying the anti-cellulite cream you should do it in a gentle circular motion. These will remove fat deposits.

5.Have a cellulite breakfast

All the morning rituals to eliminate cellulite that we have recommended will be of little use if your diet is bad. It’s best to start your day with food that fights annoying orange peel skin.

If you’re cooking food, opt for coconut oil instead of the traditional ones. You should also include more vegetables than meats and avoid all kinds of fats. A good option is to have a salad or a green shake.

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6.Take a dietary supplement

By trying to eliminate cellulite you may be reducing your intake of certain foods. One consequence of this is a lack of certain nutrients. To avoid health problems we recommend taking a dietary supplement.

You will see that there are a lot of options, prices and brands. In case your physical activity is moderate and your diet balanced, a normal supplement is more than enough.

If you do too much physical activity and require a more specialized diet, you can choose a more complete supplement.

Remember that it is always best to get the vitamins and minerals naturally through food.

7.Drink a glass of natural water

The last of the morning rituals to eliminate cellulite is to drink a glass of natural water. Although you’ve had water and lemon juice before, this second glass of water will help you replenish your fluids after exercise.

In the fight against cellulite it is of vital importance that your skin is well hydrated. Although it is true that the creams leave a soft feeling on the skin, it does not last for many hours if your hydration is not adequate.

You should not overlook the recommendation to drink two litres of water a day. In this you must be as constant as you can be. It is recommended that you always carry a bottle of water to avoid forgetfulness or the temptation to drink soft drinks.

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