6 Tips For Choosing Make-up Brushes

Female face and make up brushes

Which one to buy? Make-up brushes are not all the same and are not used for the same purpose. Let’s see then which are the tips to choose the right ones for you.

1 .Think about your needs

Every woman is different and has her own preferences when it comes to make-up. Surely, there will be products that you prefer to use brushes with and others that you don’t, so before you choose, think about what you want them for. Do not buy any brush and then decide what cosmetic it is for.

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2 .The edges must be dome shaped

Many experts say that the brushes that come with some make-ups are useless because they are straight. The best thing to do is to buy brushes with dome edges that will ensure that you get your makeup where you need it, without overdoing it.

3. Choose natural bristles

Natural bristles are the best when it comes to make-up brushes. Not only will you get a better finish, but they are also better for cleaning and maintenance, and contain no toxic elements for your skin.

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4 .Seek duration

The cost of a brush is not necessarily proportional to the quality of the brush. You may spend a fortune on a brush that you think is good, but that sows out right away. The best thing to do before buying one is to give the bristles a little tug of war and make sure they don’t come off easily.

5. Consider the sizes

Beautiful are the huge brushes that make you feel like a diva, but before you buy one, think about where you’re going to store it. If you’re a wallet wearer or don’t have a great place for your products, you’d better not succumb to the temptation of big brushes and buy smaller ones.

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6. Find out how to keep them

You know you have to keep your brushes clean. The vast majority can be cleaned with soap and water, but before you buy one, ask the salesperson how to clean it to maintain its usefulness.

If you don’t use makeup brushes yet, this is a good time to start. With these tips you can buy the right ones: those that give you quality, durability, softness and a good experience in use.

Dare to use brushes and choose the best one for each need. What is your experience in choosing brushes? Share it with the women beauty tips community!

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