5 Tips For Women’s First Tattoo

5 tips for your first tattoo

Getting a tattoo is not as simple as simply going to the studio, choosing the design and starting with the session. Although it’s something that many beginners think about, there are many things you should know and do before your first tattoo, that’s why so many times we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving you all kinds of advice and recommendations to prepare the whole process. Today, here are 5 tips for your first tattoo, the most basic ones you should keep in mind if you are a first-time tattooist.

1.Choosing the right design

Both this point and any of the ones we’ll see on the list today, we’ve covered them in depth on previous occasions, so you should already know all the things to keep in mind when choosing the right design for you. For example, among other things, it is recommended that you take the time to choose the design you are really looking for, not a similar one, but one that leaves you 100% sure that you want to get tattooed. You should also keep in mind that certain designs will look better according to your skin tone, as well as the location, where you should take into account several factors, from the type of design you chose to the size or even how it could affect you in the future. In our “Designs” section you can go deeper into this point.

2.Be demanding when choosing a tattoo artist

Choosing the right tattoo artist is perhaps one of the most difficult and subjective points, especially if it is your first tattoo and you have no experience whatsoever. Of course, first of all, you should investigate, you can browse the studios in your city or search the web to see their portfolios with their previous work and so on. In this instance you must be demanding, because what you are buying is permanent. As much as you are a beginner as you may be, you probably have a friend or acquaintance who has at least one tattoo, a very good idea is to ask them for help, remove any doubts you may have and listen to how their tattoo artist works. Coming to the point, talking directly with the different tattoo artists you visit is very important, having a good relationship with them will be fundamental.

3.Preparing appropriately for the session

There are certain things you can do beforehand that will help make your first tattooing session more enjoyable. For example, bring things that will keep you entertained, you can bring some music, maybe a DVD to watch on TV or you can talk to a friend to go with you. As we saw a short time ago, clothing can also benefit you. According to the location of the design, the size and so on, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes, nothing tight and something to help you withstand either heat or cold, as during the session the body will regulate the body temperature differently. Staying properly hydrated is also important, so bring a few bottles of water.

4.Do not use alcohol or other drugs before the session

Just as there are things you can do before your first session to have a better time, there are other things you can’t do if you don’t want to have a bad time. It is actually very strange to think that someone wants to have their first tattoo session drunk or high, but it can happen. The fact is, you shouldn’t even think about it, since substances like alcohol and other drugs affect the normal circulation of blood in the body, which can be negatively reflected in bleeding. Actually, if you’ve chosen the right tattoo artist, he or she won’t be tattooing you drunk or high, but just in case, you know you shouldn’t do it.

5.Follow pre and post-session care

Every professional tattooist will provide you with a series of care and recommendations that you should follow to the letter both before and after the session. Your tattoo will not be ready when you leave the studio but weeks later, when it has healed properly. In our “Care” section you will find much more information on this point.

Well, what do you think of these tips? If you already have tattoos, what do you remember about your first session? What other tips could you offer to first-time tattooers?

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