5 Errors When Inserting False Eyelashes

5 errors when inserting false eyelashes

While false eyelashes give us a more dramatic look, we can also achieve the opposite effect if we are not careful. There are some mistakes when wearing false eyelashes that you should avoid at all costs.

Although it is clear that at first you make some of these mistakes because no one is born with the professional knowledge about false eyelashes and their care, the important thing is that you know the mistakes so that as far as possible try to avoid them.

1.Apply the eyelashes immediately after applying the glue

What a big mistake! There is nothing worse to properly glue the false eyelashes than not waiting a few seconds for the glue to become a little harder and stickier and can easily stick where you want it.

Wait at least 30 seconds after putting the glue on the tabs to glue them together. This way, your eyelash will move less.

2.Leave the false lashes well above the natural lash line

To give an effect perhaps unprofessional but very neat, clean and beautiful we should place our false eyelashes as close to the line of our eyelashes as possible. Otherwise, anyone will notice this mistake and it would be embarrassing.

Remember that only with practice you will achieve that your eyelashes are better and better placed and take the precaution of having your eyes drawn to hide this error a little bit if they are not so close.

3.Do not adjust false eyelashes to the size of your eyes

Don’t think false eyelashes come with the size of your eyes already. These should be trimmed just a little bit to fit your eye and not be longer.

While very few lucky ones don’t need to be modified, it’s best to measure your eyelashes with your eyes to see if they need adjustment or if they fit. Keep in mind that this will help to keep your eyes from looking droopy or your eyelashes looking too fake.

4.Apply mascara to false lashes after they are glued on

Doing this can not only peel off your hard-to-fit eyelashes, but will also be problematic when it comes to removing them: not only will you have to peel them off your eyelid, you will also have to be careful not to pull and tear out your natural eyelashes.

Although many people do it and reuse them, they already have a few lumps that can make you look sloppy if you’re not careful.

5.Throw away your eyelashes after a single use

Come on, let’s go! If your eyelashes are in good condition after removal there is no reason for you to throw them away. You can use them a couple of more times always taking care to clean them and not to make them lose their shape or their hairs and above all taking care that when you use them again you make sure that they do not have glue residue that can be seen.

And that was it! Remember to practice and practice, because only in this way will you be able to perfect the art of putting on false eyelashes in a proper way and looking beautiful and with a diva look. For more tips on how to avoid some makeup mistakes, stay at beautyliti where you’ll find tips and information on everything and for every occasion.

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