18 Incredible And Simple Tips For Perfect Eyeliner

18 Incredible and simple tips for perfect eye line-up

Applying eyeliner can be a bit complicated, especially if you’re trying to do it like a pro. That’s why we’re sharing these 18 tricks to achieve a perfect outline. It’s time to put mistakes behind you, because you just need to draw a straight line or help yourself with duct tape and look even more beautiful with your eyes.

1.You should know that there are three types of eyeliners

Pencil: This is one of the eyeliners that will make the task easier, but sometimes the line is not as dense as with liquid or gel eyeliners.

Gel: The tip of the gel eyeliners glides very easily. Sometimes you can find them in a small jar with a brush.

Liquid: This type of eyeliner is used for its precision. They usually come in the form of a pen with a brush tip. Although it may take some time for the line to dry after application, they are great.

2.Different eyeliner colors can create different effects in your eyes

3.Fight against the trembling hand

Fortunately there is an easy way to solve it in three simple steps:

Sit down. Sit down.

Place your elbow on a flat surface

Rest your little finger on your cheek and try to stabilize yourself as much as possible, that will help you make fewer mistakes.

4.If you just start using a liquid eyeliner, create some dots and then connect them together

You have to be really patient with yourself when you don’t get it right the first time.

5.You can also do the same but with scripts

Decide what’s easiest for you.

6.Try not to stretch your skin when applying eyeliner

When the skin of the eye returns to its position the eyeliner may look disastrous. So to remove the excess you can clean the lines with a swab soaked in makeup remover.

7.Applying a little makeup or concealer may help to remove excess.

8.You can use a little eye shadow to fill in the line of eyeliner pencil

9.Also try to put eyeliner under your eye.

If you think the eyeliner looks a little intense on your face, try applying it under the eyelash line.

10.Getting a’cat’s eye’ style line is much easier with this trick

11.Use adhesive tape as a guide for a beautiful cat-eye outline

12.Use the edges of a spoon to outline yourself in minutes

Use the handle of the spoon to draw the angle line and the curve of the spoon to create the shape. Then fill the entire eye following the line

13.If your eyeliner crumbles, try freezing it for 10 minutes before applying it.

That’ll keep me from spoiling the rest of your makeup.

14.To cover stains or outline your line, use a skin color eyeliner.

If you have stained your eyeliner a little, draw on the line with a skin colored eyeliner instead of cleaning it and starting over. This is also a great trick if you want to make the stroke sharper.

15.Use the edge of a card to achieve the end of a perfect line

Drawing the line by freehand is more complicated, but it becomes really easy if you use a card.

16.You can use mascara as eyeliner using just one brush

If you don’t have any eyeliner, remove color from the mascara applicator brush.

17.Create a template to facilitate the design of your outline

You can remember the way you want your outline to look. Then place it over your eye and draw it. It’s so simple!

18.The use of an eye shadow and eyeliner brush will help you create a softer look.

RECALLS: 1) Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it the first time. 2) The result is worth it.

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