15 Great Tricks You Need To Know To Have The Most Perfect Eyebrows

Today more than ever, the eyebrows have become the center of attention. Image change experts have always said it: we don’t change the image, we design the eyebrows.

If you’ve grown up feeling that despite the makeup and thousands of beauty tips you still can’t find the perfect spot in your look, it may be because you probably haven’t had the right design for your eyebrows. Now we give you 15 things you should know about maintaining and fixing your eyebrows.

1.Place the arch of your eyebrow for a better design

The design of your eyebrows completely changes your look, so the first thing you need to do is to place the highest point of your eyebrows with a pencil, as shown in the picture.

2. Choose the design that fits your face shape best

3. Always have a special eyebrow brush on hand.

This is one of the most important tricks, what you need besides your eyebrow shadow, will always be a special brush to comb up your eyebrows, and small scissors with which you can “blunt” the length of your eyebrows (and literally that will be just a light blunt; please don’t ever overdo it). The better you take care of your eyebrows the faster and better they will grow.

4. Choose an eyebrow design that is appropriate for your eye shape

5. Not all beautiful eyebrows should be thick.

Yes, we know that right now Lily Collins and Cara Delavine’s big, plentiful eyebrows are what we love the most in perfect makeup, but the truth is that they don’t all do. The slim and elegant eyebrow also frames the look beautifully, and perhaps this tip will save your eyebrows’ lives before you decide to overpaint them.

6. Paints the arch with more force than the beginning of the eyebrow

Never paint the entire brow from beginning to end, the most beautiful thing will be when you paint only the arch of the eyebrow and below the root; this will give a natural blurring effect to your eyebrows.

7. When you pluck your eyebrow, don’t get too close to the mirror.

8. Eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

Please don’t fall into the horrible mistake of drawing and designing your eyebrows as a cartoon, so that they look strangely the same. This makes your eyebrows all the naturalness they should have, remember that it’s okay if your left eyebrow is a little uneven on the right (don’t exaggerate with the difference either), just stop worrying about them being “perfect”.

9. Wet your eye shadow a little with hair spray

Just a little so that your shadow has a little more solid consistency when you draw your eyebrows, also remember to wet your brush a little and once it is very well wet with paint, draw your eyebrow hair by hair (the smallest hairs in particular) until your eyebrow is full and abundant.

10. Always choose the most natural and hair-like color of your hair

There are girls with very thick eyebrows, and referring specifically to the thickness of the hair, but there are also girls with eyebrows too thin, almost transparent, so not to makeup the eyebrow is not an option, but to choose the right color always go to the safe with your natural hair color.

11. Consider the separation of your eyebrows in relation to the shape of your nose.

The closer your eyebrows are together, the more refined and slimmer your nose will look, but if your nose is a little flatter, avoid having your eyebrows too close together, give them a good separation so that your eyes are much more balanced.

12. Always draw the bottom line of the eyebrow to highlight the entire design

When you draw this line first, it’s much easier to blur the entire filling of your eyebrows from top to bottom. Use a spoon if you’re having trouble getting a straight line.

13. In the end, always create “lights” on your eyebrows with a concealer that is lighter than your skin color.

Once you’ve finished designing, painting and fixing your eyebrow, always create lights with a lighter concealer or a lighter, more lighter and more natural look (white also works, but we don’t recommend it because it’s so natural, but it’s a matter of taste), draw under the arch, draw the distance between the eyebrows and above it too, just a little to give your makeup a cleaner, more natural finish.

14. Create your own eyebrow mascara with coconut oil

You can buy a brown or even transparent mascara, if you can’t wash mascara that you don’t use anymore but you like the brush, then add a few drops of coconut oil and shake it well. Use it daily to comb your eyebrows, this will not only make them combed well, it will also help you to grow healthy and strong hair on your eyebrows.

15. Consider micropigmentation if you are still not satisfied with the amount of your eyebrows

Although we believe that a thin and elegant eyebrow is also as beautiful as a big and thick eyebrow, we know that in extreme cases there are girls who can’t be helped.

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